"Curls are always in style!" - If Suzy says it, we believe it!

SUSAN, affectionately called Suzy by many, or Suzy Q by a few, IS AMAZING, to say the least. Suzy has been in the industry for more than 30 years and is such an important resource for any cosmetologist. She has taught new hairstylists as a beauty school professor and product educator. She is innovative and uses her experience to lead her to success. There is no service she can not do, she is particularly great with perms. Continue reading as she will tell you a little bit about the next trend for today's perms.

Starting out in my career in the late 70s early 80s , thanks to the annual perm sale that ran every January till March, I became a well known Chemical technician.

It was an honor to master these skill sets, and many others, from highly talented and respected people that patiently guided with me with step-by-step procedures, that I still use today.

Curls are ALWAYS in and with the help of technology, better than ever. The texture waves are the newest. With aids like Olaplex, it possible to perm hair that has been lightened. Adding color to perms definitely create a new and better look. My results have been great!

After doing perms in the 70s, 80s, 90s and now doing them in 2017 I am so excited to introduce, in a new way, the beach wave.

Unlike the 80s perm, which is traditionally wrapped to conform the head, beach wave is basically a perm for volume and texture. Beach waves are more of a lived in curl to complement that natural and lived in color that we do today.

I had the great privilege of doing my first Davines perm using ouiplex! it is a game changer because it allows us to perm on compromised hair and all I can say is wow. The results of my first ouiplex perm we're awesome she loved it.

Like alot of hair services, products help to create the look in an efficient way but the real magic is within the hair stylist. Perms needs to be customized to the client. There is not a cookie cutter formula for a great perm. I strongly suggest the proper consultation and, if the occasion calls for it, always do a test strand.

Can't wait to get my hands in that gorgeous head of hair of yours, visit me today! Consultations are always on the house ;)

with love,