Hey, I'm Breyanne! Let me play with your texture to make curly hair straight :D It's my spec

Note from the owner, Tara Engstrom:

Breyanne is SO ambitious! She graduated from Bradley University with a bachelors in Entrepreneurship followed by becoming a fully licensed cosmetologist at Regency Beauty Institute. With great determination, Breyanne will create her own cosmetics line. We are happy to watch her grow and succeed at Salon Sophia!

Breyanne has a passion for improving hair’s texture! She works with straight, wavy or curly hair of all densities and lengths. She turns frizzy, unmanageable manes into silky smooth locks. Her services include but are not limited to; Brazilian Split End Treatments, Brazilian Blow Outs, Keratin Treatments, Keratin Smoothing Systems and much more!

Continue onto the blog as she will tell you the difference between a Brazilian Blow Out and a Keratin Smoothing System…

Is you hair Frizzy? Dull? Unmanageable? You will definitely benefit from popular salon treatments such as keratin infused texture services or Brazilian Blowout. These services are NOT permanent; they last anywhere between 3-6 months depending on the structure of your hair and your hair care regimen at home.

These treatments help straighten the hair without damaging your hair follicles while they add shine, remove frizz, fight humidity, seal in color, and also decrease blow dry time (basically, heaven in a bottle). In the hair follicle, keratin and other proteins are created. The hair proteins contain sulfides. When sulfides bond they create a bend in the hair. Curly hair has a large number of bonded sulfides, while straight hair has very few.

Both Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blow Out are hair straightening methods that work by breaking sulfide bonds in curly hair and restructures them to make hair straight. The service is done in three stages: relaxing, neutralizing and conditioning. In both services Keratin is what makes up the conditioning stage.

Soo… what's the difference between a Keratin Treatment and a Brazilian Blow Out? They are very similar with few differences. It all depends on your hair type and texture.

Keratin Treatments contain a lot more keratin. Because of this, they are used on hair that is overly curly and voluminous. Thanks to its conditioning abilities, it is also used as a temporary fix for damaged hair. This treatment is NOT recommended for straight, fine or thin hair, since it reduces so much volume (we don't want your hair looking limp and lifeless).

Keratin Treatments contain less ingredients. Because of this, It doesn't last as long as the Brazilian Blowout.

Brazilian Blowouts can be used on fine to medium textures (frizzy hair) and also waves and curls, but it keeps the hair’s volume. To help maintain the treatment, you do need to use specific hair care products – we have a variety of approved shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling aids for you to choose from.

A Brazilian Blowout lasts longer than a keratin but environmental factors and daily activities play a major role in the longevity of the treatment.

Over washing the hair breaks down the