Hair Stylist

Hair is important! A hairstylist is often a client's most beloved confidants.

Hairstylists provide a range of hair care services including shampooing, cutting, coloring, styling, and blow-drying.

To adequately perform their jobs, hair stylists must:

  • Possess knowledge of principles and processing for providing personal services

  • Have the ability to assess the needs of their clients

  • Meet quality standards for service

  • Possess knowledge of the chemical composition and properties of the substances they use and the chemical processes the substances may undergo (i.e., understanding chemical reactions, production techniques, and disposal methods)

Successful hairstylists must also:

  • Be able to work under pressure

  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Be patient

  • Be able to work long hours on their feet

  • Pay attention to small details

  • Listen closely to their clients’ wants and needs

  • Be able to follow instructions

  • Keep up with the latest beauty trends

  • Earn the trust of their clients

  • Closely follow safety, sanitation, and health standards


Hairstylists must have an active cosmetelogy license in the state of IL in order to practice.